Six Common Misconceptions That Make Bands Suck

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4. Bands Make You Cool

Being in a band generally turns nice people into jaded, bored, reclusive pricks. Or even worse -- egomaniacal assholes. Something about totally failing to achieve expectations or receiving constant attention and affirmation seems to have a negative effect on the average human's brain. It may sound counterintuitive, but being a loser actually makes you a more humble and cooler person, not being in a band.


3. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice doesn't make perfect. Touring and playing for completely unfamiliar crowds makes perfect. Playing through other people's gear because yours is broken makes perfect. Being too drunk to play your own songs makes perfect. Practice makes predictability, and predictability is boring. Do yourself and your band a favor, and in the words of Bill Hicks, "play from the fucking heart."

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Dude, you obviously don't know anything about being in a band. While it isn't the "always exciting, fun, glamorous life" the majority thinks it is, those "shitty qualities" of a band is part of the fun of being in a band. And if you truly are in a band for the music and not just fame, fortune, and sex, then all these experiences are worth it. Any band who truly enjoys it will gladly go through all the shitty experiences to be where they are. The things you've listed are simply what the majority of idiots think the music industry is. When you actually learn something about music, come talk about it.


I have to disagree with some of this, namely the practice. 

3-Practice is very much an important part of being in a band. No, you shouldn't put out a robotic reproduction of your album at every show, but you need to know the songs you're playing well enough to take them further. People don't pay to watch you fuck around on stage, they come for a show.

Work ethic is a good thing. Be it preparing for a show, an interview with a famous musician or simply serving that double-tall nonfat latte with a half pump of vanilla.

4-Bands don't make you cool, but usually, cool people make bands.

5-Groupies very much exist if you want them, providing you're actually good enough to get followers and fans and a consistent audience.

6-Bands absolutely deserve to get paid a lot, if they work on and craft something real...they probably just won't.

1-it's true, it isn't fun all the time, but if it isn't fun most of the time, you are playing with the wrong people.

I must agree with a previous poster, though; if these are the conceptions, you're in it for the wrong reason.


"It's one thing if you're hearing the same consistent piece of criticism over and over again. It's another thing to pay attention to the ham-fisted and ill-informed advice of someone who likely knows even less than you do. "

Completely knocked out of the park homerun on this one!
There is nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks they know something

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

The reality is great artists don't play music for the sex, drugs or even the love of music. The one reason why great artists play music is; They have to. It's like a addiction but worse. Maybe this is the real reason this article was written. If that is the case I lend you my sympathy.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

From the looks of it whoever wrote this article got into music for all the wrong reasons. Granted trying to make it in the music industry in St. Louis is like trying to get to the moon with a step ladder but still this writer should try focusing on why it is so hard to get a successful music scene going in St. Louis rather than bitching about how he/she is not getting what they expected out of being in a band.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

1. If you play in a band for the money get ready for some disappointment. Besides, you should play in a band because you love it, not for money. 2. There are much easier ways to get laid besides playing in a band. Getting a high paying job is one way to do that but good luck having a decent band when you spend the majority of your time at work or chasing girls. 3. Being in a band does not make you cool, that's a personal issue. 4. No comment on the practice thing. 5. Criticism is like poison. You should take just a little bit everyday to build up an immunity to it. 5. Being in a band can be very hard but then again nothing that is worth while is easy.

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