Terminal Cancer Allows Me to "Make a Wish" with Nine Inch Nails

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One of my many favorite moments was being able to eat with Trent and talk about everything from Breaking Bad to my journey fighting colon cancer and how I refuse to give up without putting up a fight. Those moments are something I will always cherish. Being that I'm an avid synthesizer enthusiast, Alessandro proceeded to give me a tour of his keyboard station, and I don't think I stopped drooling during the time he was talking.

Saying goodbye to everyone was definitely the most difficult part. I felt as though I was now a part of the Nine Inch Nails family. One of the crew members even suggested I should just jump on tour with them, which was beyond flattering. As I left, the band showered me with guitar picks and drumsticks and signed the Dave Smith Prophet 12 keyboard I recently purchased as a treat for myself. I would like to thank Trent, Mariqueen, Alessandro, Nine Inch Nails, Eric, Jim, Courtney, Rob and the entire crew for such a life-changing experience. Those were honestly were the best days of my life.

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Drawn here from NINArmy's Facebook page.  I'm in tears,  NIN is my all time favorite band and I know you will take that moment with you to the end.  I'm saddened to hear that your fight is ending. 
And the sky is filled with light
Can you see it?
All the black is really white
If you believe it
As your time is running out
Let me take away your doubt
You can find a better a place
In this twilight


I have been enjoying all of Andrew's columns.. the gift Nine Inch Nails gave him was amazing. Cancer Sucks. 

Kathleen Wilson Griswold
Kathleen Wilson Griswold

I have so enjoyed reading his columns. He is one strong person. I wish there was another treatment for him. Cancer sucks.

Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna

nin > everything. I hope you enjoyed yourself Andrew, you sound like a 10/10 dude.

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