The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in October

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Death Angel with 3 Inches of Blood, Battlecross, Revocation, Diamond Plate and more at Fubar
October 27
5 p.m. / $16 - $20

I could honestly never tell if the members were Asian or Latino, teenagers or 40-year-olds, there might be even a girl in there somewhere... But I know for sure that Death Angel has been tearing shit up ever since they first opened for Forbidden at Mississippi Nights back in the early '90s. The band always stood out in the world of thrash metal, not because they were some of the only non-Caucasian band members in the scene who weren't Rocky George, but because they played with a infectious groove that was seldom heard from most straightforward Bay area thrash bands. Over the past three decades that groove has grown into an overwhelmingly heavy and frantic bitchripper of a heavy-metal band. The band's newest album, The Dream Calls for Blood, will be released on the eleventh of this month and may be its heaviest material to date. From where a band with members in their mid-40s(OK I did my research, original members were born in the late '60s, are Filipino, and all are boys) are able to conjure the kind of anger necessary to create an album this ferocious I can't say, but the last couple releases from Death Angel could easily keep up with some of Sepultura and Kreator's best.

Also on the bill are a bunch of bands that honestly don't do anything for me. If you like any one of them, then come for the whole show because you'll probably like them all, because they all sound pretty much the same. Good to at least see Death Angel headlining this tour and getting the respect that it is due.


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