The Del-Lords' Triumphant Return to St. Louis: Photos

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Steve Truesdell
The Del-Lords, subject of this week's print feature by Roy Kasten, performed on Friday at Off Broadway. It was the band's first visit to St. Louis in 24 years, and found it showcasing its new album, Elvis Club and dusting off old tunes for an enthusiastic audience.

From the feature:

"The Del-Lords, one of the greatest of the '80s roots-rock dark horses, perhaps even the unacknowledged inventor of the whole genre, has changed without losing the ineffable chemistry that made its music essential to begin with.

Formed in the early '80s by Scott Kempner of influential New York punk group the Dictators, the Del-Lords emerged from the wreckage of a '70s new-wave scene, one the band never quite fit in with, but which still provided the essential elements -- hard rock and speed -- and a gritty urban undercurrent to the pre-punk, American music sounds the band hoped to unleash."

Photos by Steve Truesdell for the Riverfront Times. Make sure to check out our complete slide show here: The Del Lords Return to St. Louis

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

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Off Broadway

3509 Lemp Ave., St. Louis, MO

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