Twitter Litter: Murphy Lee Roots for the Cardinals, Nelly Rants on Comic Book Movies

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We're delighted to learn that our buddy Nelly (@nelly_mo) is quite the nerd! And we can't help but agree with him that Man of Steel is dreck and Superman deserves better:


But then Nelly lays into fans about the merits of other characters:

We never thought we'd say it, but damn, Nelly's giving us a nerdboner. It's gettin' hot in herre!

Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) is in the news again (Why, God, why?), this time for fighting with Sinead O'Connor on teh interwebz.


Basically, O'Connor posted an open letter to Miley on her website suggesting that she not go down a trashy path when looking for attention. Ms. Bangerz screamed "Eff you!" by posting tweets from two years ago when O'Connor was looking for help with severe mental disorders (dragging poor Amanda Bynes into this crap):

And O'Connor was all "WTF? That was harsh, and I'll tell you so in another open letter! And another!" And Smiley Miley was all "Whatevs, old lady!"

And then Cyrus went on Today, and then Amanda Palmer horned in and wrote her own open letter, and then... Cripes, this is exhausting. Can we all just go to separate corners and play with foam fingers already?

We need a breather. How about some adorable children who aren't tarted up or twerking?

Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) and her family enjoy the never-ending Disney boat ride:

And the spawn of Travis Barker (@travisbarker) is wearing a Transplants shirt!

Whew. We don't predict much twerking from that one!


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