Brotherfather Proves Itself An Indie Rock Powerhouse With Debut Album

Erika Hutson

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Typically, one doesn't expect clean singing after a gust of guitar feedback. Screaming, yelling or the absence of vocals altogether would be the road more often traveled. Brotherfather takes a different path though, and manages to etch a few weird vibes into its rock-solid indie-pop.

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With its debut record, walk it off, Brotherfather constantly explores, but that doesn't distract the band from delivering songs that feel succinct and complete. This Friday, November 8, Brotherfather celebrates the release of its new record with a show at the Heavy Anchor (5226 Gravois Avenue; 314-352-5226).

Founding members John Krane (guitar, vocals) and Nicholas Horn (guitar) have been playing music together for the better part of six years. When Brotherfather formed in 2011, the duo brought in drummer Dustin Sholtes and bassist Chris Turnbaugh. "Chris, Dustin and I enjoy interpreting other people's songs, and John had a lot of really good songs, so that made it easy to get started. These days we're all pretty involved in the songwriting, but the lyrics are all John," Horn says.

Friday night's release show is a gathering of friends, both locally and from afar. Of special note is The Old Souls Revivial, a folk-rock band from Edwardsville, Illinois who just finished recording a full length album. Secondary Modern from Carbondale and Minor Characters from Chicago round out a fully fledged bill of folk, pop and rock. Brotherfather provided a sample of what you'll hear this weekend, so click the embed below to try before you buy.

Guitarist Nicholas Horn and Vocalist/Guitarist John Krane met with us to discuss post-show grub, the benefits of being a musician in south city and more. Click through to get to know Brotherfather ahead of their release show this Friday.

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The Heavy Anchor

5226 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO

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