EDM Is Sexist: Why It Sucks to Be a Woman Who Raves

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Culture of Nudity
Speaking of being half-naked, why are we doing that? There are a few possible reasons. One might be you've worked really, really hard to get the perfectly taut body that you've always wanted, you're proud of it and you want to show it off. Another might be that you're on a lot of designer drugs and the wind just feels really awesome on your skin. But we fear there is an underlying cause with more menacing implications -- peer pressure. If everyone at the EDM show wears a tutu and DJ stickers on their tits, would you do it too? Are you rocking a uniform because you want to have "the full experience" rather than expressing yourself in a unique and interesting way? What happened to modesty, humility and leaving something to the imagination? These are just questions to keep in mind.

Male Gaze
Sometimes we try to explain this to people, and it seems to make them upset. But here's the unfortunate reality: When a man at a party sees you wearing nothing, his first thought is "that bitch is easy." Actually, our first thought as a woman is also "Grrrrrrl, you're better than that." Regardless of your intentions, this is the world we live in. It saddens us to speak to women at music festivals and hear that they're constantly being grabbed and harassed by men because of the way they're dressed. It's like, dear broseph, just because I have big tits doesn't mean you get to touch them. And if you see me dancing and having a good time, that doesn't mean I'm inviting you to shake your penis against my ass. We actually have moves, and your game of hide-the-dick isn't one of them. Creative women of EDM, we'd like to encourage you to express yourselves in new ways that don't cater to the male gaze. Let's get crafty and explore our options.

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