EDM Is Sexist: Why It Sucks to Be a Woman Who Raves

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Champagne Facials
You know how we know Kirill Was Here? Because you look like someone jizzed all over your face. No lie, there is something primal and appealing about drinking expensive alcohol with no hands. Being a total sloppy mess is the No. 1 way to show the world that you have no cares to give. That being said, signing up to be debased isn't exactly moving feminism forward. Is it worth taking your shirt off in a god-forsaken bathroom to be on LastNightsParty.com? No, it's really not. Again, the issue isn't that you're doing it, it's that it's expected, it's commonplace and it's becoming a complete joke.

Where Mah Girls At?
It's nearly 2014 and yet the DJ Mag Top 100 includes five women, Nervo (two models turned DJs), Krewella (two sister singer-DJs with a male buddy) and someone named Tenashar. This is not a sign that the scene is inherently sexist. This is a sign that you, the listener, are kind of a douche. The DJ Mag Top 100 is fan-voted. You messed up. If there aren't more female DJs on your radar, it's not because they aren't out there, but maybe it's because they are taken less seriously and are forced to sell sex just to get any attention. You could dig deeper, youth of America (and the world), or you could just keep being an asshole. Meanwhile, the professionals are screwing up too. The blog Do Androids Dance did a list of the twenty most influential people in EDM and forgot to put a single female on there. They tried to cover their tracks with a whole list dedicated to women. But sorry, you're still a prick, and we're not amused. And Spinnin' Records? Kitchen jokes? Really? You're lame.

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