Meet Four Live Engineers Who Make Your Band Sound Good

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courtesy of Bob Horner
Bob Horner


Age: 44

Years in the business: 25

Venues: Blueberry Hill and others

Favorite piece of live gear: Martin speakers

Favorite band you've live-mixed: Chuck Berry. He is the father of rock & roll.

Best tip for making a show sound good: Be prepared, have a good attitude and have good gear.

One thing the public doesn't understand about your job: Everything.

Worst thing that's happened while working a show: Talent discovers "Yes, his hand is really broken."

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Ryan and Bob are right on about how a loud band can wreck the sound. Trust them folks! They have your amp miked and can get you as loud in the mix as you need to be, so be conservative. Nothing like a deafened guitarist who is so loud he's out of the mix or seeing your entire audience running outside with bleeding ears. All these guys really want to make you sound good, let them! If you're finding you need to go louder and louder to get your tone right, get a smaller-powered amp. I can't tell you how many players use 15 watt Blues. Jrs. at this level now. 

Most people don't realize that you have to double the power to get just 3 dB more sound...and that you have to multiply power by 10 times to get just double the volume...meaning, there really isn't THAT much actual difference in performance between a 15 watt tube amp with a lot of headroom and a 45 watt amp of the same make and quality..

Jason Goad
Jason Goad

Great read, I play bass and its helpful for me to know the sound guys expectations.

Jon Jon
Jon Jon

why does the url say 8, but the article has only 4?

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