Evil Clown Drummer Gets 19 Years in Child Porn Case

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Martin L. "Vlad" Evanick, drummer of the now-defunct St. Louis metal band Core of Your Nightmares, was sentenced to nineteen years in federal prison Monday for child pornography charges. Evanick, 31, pleaded guilty to the charge in July. He was arrested in October 2012, after the mother of the victim contacted the Collinsville Police Department in April and alleged Evanick was having a sexual relationship with her sixteen-year-old daughter.

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According to federal prosecutors, the offenses pertaining to this arrest happened in June of 2010 and a year later in 2011.

Evanick admitted to having sex with the young girl "five to seven times" and to then taking nude pictures on his phone (which he claims occurred after she turned seventeen). Evanick was 30 at the time. It is those nude photos that have landed him in prison on child pornography charges. He has been sitting in jail since the initial October arrest.

A second girl came forward during the course of the trial and claimed that Evanick had also had sex with her when she was still a minor, only fourteen years old. That incident was reported in November of 2012. Evanick's sentence is 235 months in federal prison, to be followed by twenty years of court supervision upon release. He will also spend the rest of his life as a registered sex offender.


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