Six Musicians That Rule Despite Their Music

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4. Robyn

Well, OK, Robyn's music isn't the worst thing in the world. But it's a crime when compared to how entertaining she is to watch. Check out this SNL performance where she looks like a Romulan with brain damage at a private rave. If you haven't had enough, violently stare at the video for "Konichiwa Bitches," where the Swedish pop star is a boxer, astronaut, bumblebee, nurse, construction worker, nerd, and cat burglar in thirty seconds.

3. Steve Vai

Steve Vai is to instrumental guitar as Criss Angel is to magic -- a flashy innovator of an activity studied exclusively by Applebee's waiters. His dedicated wankery has delighted creatively vacant businessmen as PowerPoint presentation soundtracks for years. all the while torturing the rest of us. While it'd be great to slam the guy through and through, there are some undeniably awesome things about him.

Vai actually got his start with Frank Zappa, which automatically boosts your credibility by about a thousand points. Pair that with having a singer, Devin Townsend, that later went on to create one of the greatest metal albums ever (Strapping Young Lad's City) and you've got to respect the guy on some level.

Oh, and he's a fucking beekeeper. Here's a picture of him holding holding a jar of honey. Totally not urine. Probably.

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