Ten St. Louis Acts That Deserve To Be Famous Now


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Unless your band's name is the Black Keys, the White Stripes or Matt and Kim, two-piece acts don't get a lot of love. But we're dying for Bruiser Queen to give a giant "Screw you" to that unofficial "rule." Loud and brash, messy and fierce, Morgan Nusbaum and Jason Potter's guitar-and-drums duo should be giving "How to Rock the Fuck Out" seminars to every lame-ass band played on the Point (105.7 FM) by now. These two absolutely own a stage, howling out tunes that are a little bit punk, a little bit rock and a whole lot of fun. What's it going to take to make the rest of the country love the new In Your Room EP as hard as we do? We don't know, but it needs to happen. Like, now.



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Jenn Malzone probably is tired of being compared to piano-playing troubadour Ben Folds, but if it gets people outside of St. Louis to give Middle Class Fashion a chance, we're willing to risk her wrath. Listen to "Come Around Anytime" from this year's Jungle, for example, and you can't help but recall a bit of "Army" from the late '90s. But, believe it or not, Middle Class Fashion sounds fuller than Ben Folds Five did, with guitars, bass, keys and drums that build up in a way that's even more delicious than seven-layer taco dip. And MCF absolutely bursts with flavor onstage, sweeter than a chocolate-covered cherry and more exciting than those weird hamburger doughnuts the Strange Donuts guys have come up with. We're not sure where we're going with this Ben Folds/foodie tale, but we do know this: Our ears sure do find Middle Class Fashion tasty.



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Equal parts Rolling Stones, Soundgarden and U2, Via Dove pushes sweaty, carnal rock & roll that occasionally veers into pure rapture. Ballads or rockers, Via Dove's songs have a fiery heartbeat -- a steady hum that reminds you that these tunes are about living. How much ass-shakin' tambourine can you handle? By golly, your answer had better be "Plenty." The recorded songs are great, but the live shows are where it's at, when vocalist Andy Shadburne evokes the late Michael Hutchence's smolder and has eye sex with seemingly every audience member in attendance. With so many genres and subgenres of music these days, straight-up rock sometimes is overlooked. Via Dove is the band that shoves it back into your face and makes you wonder how you went without it for so long.



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