The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows: November 2013

Beers and Cheers at RAC
November 23
7 p.m. | All-inclusive $20

There's typically beer/booze aplenty at any given comedy show, but Standup Throwdown runner-up Emily Hickner has a new and positive spin on drinking in support of laughter. A night of beer, jokes and rock & roll sounds to me like a recipe for a guilty conscience with my morning coffee, but rest assured after a night like this you'll feel good about your evening of fun.

In support of the National Children's Cancer Society, Beers and Cheers will pair a local craft brew with a similarly local and crafty comic. Andrew Frank, Kenny Kinds and Erik Anker will get you laughing with your drafts, followed by rock & rollers Bruiser Queen. Recently added to the bill is Gabe Kea, the host of Cincinnati's Go Bananas. He comes through St. Louis a handful of times a year and every time he does the crowd wants to know when he's coming back. Also worth noting is the Designated Driver option, if craft beer isn't your thing then entry to the show is just $10. So if any of you have non-drinking pals out there who like to laugh, let them know they get a whopping 50% off.

Kevin White and Mikey Manker
at Foam
November 30 at 9 p.m.

St. Louis is the city that always leaves its porch light on, and in terms of comedy that could not be truer for Kevin White and Mikey Manker. Both St. Louisans born and bread, the two made their way to Chicago because at their respective times this town couldn't offer the opportunities a budding comic needed to grow.

But now they're heading home and will no doubt furnish a night of tomfoolery and heavy-handed punchlines. I'm sure I've said it before, but Kevin is one of the co-producers of Bare Knuckle Comedy (see above) who alongside Christian Lawrence hosted Manker's 2011 recording of Beg, Borrow and Steal. Their stint living together gave birth to McLean Avenue and I imagine there will be stories and one-up battles to attest to which of the two put more fun in dysfunctional.


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