The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in November 2013

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Samothrace at Fubar
November 17
7:30 p.m. / $10-$12

"Funeral doom." It's possibly the most intriguing two-word phrase I've heard since "Cheesecake Factory." That scene in Terminator 3 when Arnie carries a coffin on his shoulder and shoots everything in sight may come to mind when the phrase is heard, but that's a little too cheery an image for what this style of metal actually sounds like. If you can't handle slow songs, you're out. If you need to understand any lyrics, see you later. If you've ever played "The Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica on the wrong RPM and disliked it, well this is not the genre for you.

Seattle, Washington's Samothrace is funeral doom to its molten core, crafting unbelievably heavy tunes that can shatter and uplift with their sheer epic size. With only two full-length releases under its belt since forming in 2006, the band seems to have a less-is-more approach, with St. Louis lucky enough to be one of the few stops on a six-city tour. With the average band's set under the 60-minute mark, I just can't wait to hear which two songs Samothrace will have time to play.


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3108 Locust St, St. Louis, MO

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Pop's Nightclub

401 Monsanto Ave., East St. Louis, IL

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