'90s Cover Band the VCRs on the Found Footage Festival, Coming to St. Louis

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Michael Jackson Striptease

Found Footage Festival description: This clip, from a VHS tape called "California Big Hunks," shows how a graffiti-spraying street hunk turns his life around after seeing a shiny picture of Michael Jackson taped to a wall.

Kahn says: What kid doesn't try to be a graffiti artist? And now it's like "dancing on the ceiling," like that song. Oh my God -- a zebra striped tank top, tearing it off hulk hogan style. I've never seen... just wow. Wait a second, is this pornographic? This is quite amazing.

Stinson says: He was Banksy before Banksy. Man, I swear I've seen this guy at 14th and Locust. Wow. He was doing some damage to his local community and then saw God come to him and spoke to him through Michael Jackson's picture. He took him to a new place where he could positively influence others through his body. But the crazy thing is he obviously had some kind of spirit in his pants that had to get out.

This Video Is About Herpes!

Found Footage Festival description: This 1996 sex education video for teens tries so hard to be hip and edgy that it ends up being more irritating than the disease it's warning you about.

Kahn says: That one girl looked like Da Brat. Remember Da Brat? That was Da Brat telling me stuff! Then the producers were like, "Ok, we need an Asian dude, a black chick and a white person." It's good, though, that they have someone from the farms, someone from the ghetto and then a cartoon. Apparently you can use basketballs as the cure to herpes. Throw a basketball at private areas of women or men and you're good.

Stinson says: That's why basketball players have a higher rate of herpes -- because they're constantly out there battling. They're the front lines of the war against sexually transmitted diseases. And abstinence? You've gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself. You trust people who have street cred, and these kids obviously were from the streets. But no sex, play basketball, you'll be totally fine.

Continue for sleazy seduction tips and a dancing football team.

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