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Todd Owyoung
Steve Aoki at the Pageant in February 2012.
EDM superstar Steve Aoki will be stopping by the Pageant this Thursday, November 7, and we've got two tickets to give away!

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To win, simply tell us why you deserve to go. Be creative! You may enter in the comments below -- make sure you include some way of contacting you, as well as your full name so you can pick up your tickets. We will announce the winner here by 5 p.m. Thursday.

RFT Music writer Diana Benanti had the following to say about Aoki in this 2012 interview:

Mention Steve Aoki in a crowded room and watch the reactions; some will cross themselves in reverence, most will nod their recognition at the name, and the rest will know him only as "a DJ." But Steve Aoki has never been just a DJ; he's a modern auteur with his finger rammed in the proverbial sphincter of music and culture. Aoki got his start as the singer of a hardcore screamo band, but he's made a name for himself in indie, electro, EDM, pop and every musical mutation between. He started his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996, and he's broken artists from Bloc Party to the Bloody Beetroots. He's got more A&R skill in him than an army of big label drones. He's producing, opening a couple of nightclubs and touring the world. The kicker is, Aoki doesn't have to do any of this. The fact that he's the heir to the Benihana fortune barely merits a dependent clause in the larger Aoki narrative.

Watch this video of Aoki's set at Ultra Music Festival this year below:


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Did anyone win?


Dearest Riverfront Times,

Please pick me for tickets to the show. I really want to go because I watch to get some cake and champagne from Aoki. 

Many thank yous,
Cory Hart


I love aoki but have never got to see him :( if I win the tickets I will be so pumped to be in da house!!!..... in da mother fuckin house, also known as the pageant ;);)

Name: Erica Jenkins



I'm a student at SLU and Steve Aoki played at my school in Chaefitz in April of this year. I had tickets to go to the show, but I had to give them away because of work and school. Long story short, I was bummed out about missing his show. So, I would be grateful to win the tickets. Also, my cousin who is a big fan of Aoki had a birthday was last week and I didn't give him anything, so I would probably take him if we won the tickets. Thanks. 


 I deserve to win this because I'm one of the first people to actually reply to this awesome contest. While I haven't heard much of Aoki's stuff, I've got an open mind. 

Plus I am a slayer of dragons. No, for serious, I just slayed a dragon. Photo evidence:

Last week I took on a 7" tall chicken. And that was eggcellent, though I have no photo evidence of that. So yes, I win at the things, including life, which is why I should win these tickets. K THANKS! 


(The email address I have on this account is how to contact me. :D )


And my e-mail is at Thanks. 


And my full name is Alex Figueroa. 

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