Win Tickets to See Alt-J and Grouplove Tonight at the Pageant

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England's Alt-J and LA's Grouplove will be performing at the Pageant tonight, and RFT Music has two tickets to give away!

To win, simply tell us why you deserve to go. Be creative! You may enter in the comments below -- make sure you include some way of contacting you, as well as your full name so you can pick up your tickets. We will announce the winner here by 5 p.m. tonight.

Watch the videos for Alt-J's "Tessellate" and Grouplove's "Ways to Go" below. Good luck!


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 I had tickets held at the door, but they got mixed up and went to the wrong people and were coming in from Kirksville (3.5 hours away). Please help!! My name is Nicholas Guiffrida, and you can contact me at


My full name! I forgot my full name! I hope the winner isn't chosen based on how well they follow instructions. It's Phil Burgess. There, now the RFT universe knows everything about me. The sacrifices we make for awesome show tickets...


When this show went on sale, I was ready to stand in line knowing it would sell out fast, but since my wife was 8 months pregnant we figured making it to the show was impossible. Fast forward to almost 2 months later, we have a baby boy and, as it turns out, a babysitter for the night! We both love Alt J and as new parents are also broke so can't justify buying tickets on StubHub. It would be an awesome surprise if I could tell her I was able to get tickets, and we would be (even more) loyal RFT fans for life!

Contact info is


I missed Alt-J's set at Coachella because I was taking care of a friend barfing in the porta-potty after she took hallucinogens for the first time. I'm dyin to catch them tonight!


And just in case, here's how to reach me: 566 9790. (or Spencer directly 443 8521)



My darling but dirt poor son is home from college for six weeks. He's unemployed, broke as can be, and while his friends from school are going exotic places with their well-to-do parents, he's stuck at home with his boring (and fairly poor) mom and dad! He'd be thrilled to get free tickets because his woefully un-cool old man entered this contest unbeknownst to him. (He'd be shocked to know that I even know who Alt-J is!)

Thanks for your consideration!


My sweet fiance is taking her mom as her date to the concert tonight. It would be a lot cooler to surprise them at the show instead of staying at home tonight with the cat playing Assassin's Creed... 

Josh S.Smith

my voice nation handle at gmail


I need to go so that I can ask Mr. Swainsbury where he got that sweet green sweater.

Also I made a custom keyboard shortcut on my PC so that Alt + J functions correctly.

Jonathan McGuire

raccoozie at gmail


i deserve to go because:

1) it's finals week and i need a break.

2) my little avatar thing is really cute.

3) ∆ is my favorite greek letter.

that is all.

brianfbenton at gmail dot com.

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