The Best St. Louis Metal Releases of 2013

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Jackie Grucela
Everything Went Black
New music from Carcass, Gorguts and In Solitude topped nearly every critic's best of list in 2013, but what about new releases from some local heavyweights? This year saw many of our hometown metal bands pushing themselves further than ever to create some of the finest heavy music ever released in our city. Here are the top five releases that helped put the St. Louis metal scene on the map in 2013.

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5. Quaere Verum - Ingress
Meaning "to seek the truth" in Latin, Quaere Verum has laid out quite the journey on the filler-free twelve tracks of its debut full-length. Swirling melodies followed by explosive, chugging riffs perfectly embody the confusion and frustration contained within vocalist Joe Atkinson's politically charged lyrics. The band also knows when to dial things back a bit -- a skill many metal groups overlook -- and explore unsettling quiet passages that are more intricate than most bands' guitar solos.

4. Everything Went Black - Mosenthein
Here we have what has to be the most pissed-off release on the list. Everything Went Black's five members could put down their instruments and pick up hammers with which to crack you over the skull and it'd actually be a pretty similar experience. This EP comprises only three songs, but it comes with bonus tracks from a previous EP, split and demo to extend the isolated attack into more of a killing spree. In addition to a digital release, Mosenthein was also put out on cassette, so you can pop it in your vehicle's tape player and work out your frustration over what a shitty old car you drive.

3. The Gorge - s/t EP
After losing the vocalist who performed on 2011's Prehistoric Relapse, the Gorge has bounced back as an even tighter unit with guitarist Phil Ring taking over screaming duties. Now a four-piece, the band is absolutely flawless in its execution of heavy-as-balls progressive metal. Although time signatures shift over increasingly creative scales and chords, the band always allows the listener's head to bob endlessly as it keep the groove locked in. Here's to hoping for a full length in 2014.

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Two of these albums were definitely on my top 22ish list of this year. However definitely noticing a lack of Lions Daughter Indian Blanket- A black sea. Also the Eternium release was pretty killer.

Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn

Same couple of metal bands the RFT always focuses on. Way to branch out.

James Harris
James Harris

Considering some of local metal's heavy hitters write for RFT I'm consistently surprised that more coverage isn't on offer.

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

St Louis has bands other than Indie bands? Who'd have thought?

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