The Best St. Louis Metal Releases of 2013

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2. Fister - Gemini
St. Louis' loudest, heaviest band got somehow even louder, heavier and deadly serious this year. The snark and humor of Fister's previous Charles Bronson-goes-to-Hell-and-becomes-the-new-Devil concepts were dropped and replaced with a dark and frightening ugliness. Gemini's seven tracks of dismal doom might be too much for some average metal fans to stomach, but for those willing to embrace the crushing darkness, this is without a doubt the heaviest local release of the year. A concept album from a doom band about twins may seem strange, until you remember that scene where Danny Devito is teaching Arnold to slow dance. Scary shit.

1. Black Fast - Starving Out the Light
Even if this album were only mediocre, it could be still considered the most exciting local metal release of the year simply because it took so damn long for us to get. Black Fast had been kicking asses and stealing shows for at least a full three years before it decided to commit any of the thrashing grooves it was creating to a recording. These seven tracks proved well worth the wait, and they cannot only hang with new releases by modern thrash revivalists like Revocation and Vektor, but have the heart, skill and raw energy to blow them right out of the water. This thing is a ripper from start to finish, and the excellent cover art by Coby Ellison is the cherry on top. Now someone start twisting some arms so we can get a sophomore record sometime before 2017.

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