The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: December 2013

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The Disappeared's fancy glamour shot

The Disappeared, The Cuban MIssles, Black For A Second, The Haddonfields, Phineas Gage @ Fubar
December 28
8 p.m. | $8 to $10

The first of a couple pre-NYE options to spend getting drunk with best of the DIY punk community. If you're compelled to do shots of whiskey and debate the finer points of Lagwagon or the Replacements, this is be the event for you to throw your money at. Plus, the Disappeared has started to play shows again after a bit of a break -- you should also prepare to develop an inferiority complex about whichever given instrument you might dabble in. Also, the suspense builds as to whether Denny from Black for a Second will still have a broken hand to keep him from playing his fancy basslines on this night.

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Where's this show: Perfect Pussy (NY), The Funs (CHI), Times Beach, Self Help @ Ask A Punk ?

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