The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: December 2013

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A Flyer Full of Drugs N' Things

Perfect Pussy (NY), The Funs (CHI), Times Beach, Self Help @ Ask A Punk
December 28
9 PM $5

God damn, what a band name. Anyway, here's the thing to do for everyone who doesn't want to deal with rank amateurs on New Year's Eve. This will be the euphoric gloom bash to write home to your grandparents' children about. Perfect Pussy is rolling through and bringing some catchy, angry, lady jams -- the band might even give White Lung a run for its money. The Funs will be back for the 50th time or so this year to make you smile and stuff your pockets with weird merch. Buy one of Times Beach's new tapes. This will also be Self Help's debut show (members of Shaved Women/Doom Town). Say good riddance to 2013 without that Green Day song from Party of Five.


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Where's this show: Perfect Pussy (NY), The Funs (CHI), Times Beach, Self Help @ Ask A Punk ?

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