The Best St. Louis Music Releases of 2013


Al Holliday: Made It Through the Mill, Again

Legend has it that St. Louis Parks Department employee Al Holliday drove a tractor to his first sessions at Sawhorse Studio, but this east-side son didn't just fall off the turnip truck. A white boy steeped in Delta rhythm-and-blues, Holliday works his husky voice and boogie-woogie chops on the 88s with the support of a full brass section, all recorded live.


Middle Class Fashion: Jungle

St. Louis' single of the summer (and fall, and winter) was undoubtedly "Golden Rose" off of Middle Class Fashion's sophomore album. The track was all over KDHX (88.1 FM) even before Jungle's official release, and it has remained a high point of the quartet's live set. Jenn Malzone's songs and piano-driven aesthetic were in full bloom on the first MCF release, but better production and a wider sonic palette only underline her talents.


Mvstermind: A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming)

Muhammad Austin leads a little army of young hip-hop heads armed with poetics and positivity, and his work as Mvstermind is on display with A.D.D. True to its title, the sonics are all over the map, but Austin and his crew show range and versatility here.

Continue to page three for more of the best releases, plus our favorite St. Louis songs of the year too.

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Peter En Passant Stewart
Peter En Passant Stewart

No Aaron Kamm and the One Drops? Not sure this list can be taken as anything more then a bad joke.

Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson

I agree with James.... its all about the hipster life apparently

Travis Scheaffer
Travis Scheaffer

Uuuuuh... Foxing and The Lion's Daughter/Indian Blanket split??

Dan Chandler
Dan Chandler

Yeah what about The Urge "Galvinzed" record

James Harris
James Harris

I think the author may be biased toward hipster-tunes, hip-hop lite, and shit my mom would listen to.

Ryan Paluczak
Ryan Paluczak

Really sad that Foxing's "The Albatross" isn't on here. I don't know how an album can be so good and so unmentioned local (especially with the widespread attention it's gained).

kangoids topcommenter

Best reissue?

The first two Bottle Rockets albums, plus a bunch of bonus tracks, on Bloodshot.

Get it.

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