Chance the Rapper at the Pageant 12/8/13: Review, Photos and Setlist

Jason Stoff. Click here for our full slideshow.

Chance came out at 9:30 p.m. to play an hourlong set. His own outfit was simple: a white tee, khakis, black sneakers and snapback. Some emcees don't have a great stage presence or great live rapping skills, but you could immediately tell that Chance is different. He's young, but that just adds to his genuineness and charm. He also danced like a madman throughout his set, exhibiting his true weirdness, which was much appreciated.

He started off with "Good Ass Intro," the first song on Acid Rap, while projecting trippy visuals on the back wall of the stage. Before he launched into "Everybody's Something," another favorite from the same album, he brought out a live band: trumpet, keys, drums and a DJ. The band was unexpected, but it was a dope choice. It added greater depth and dimension to his performance. There were also tons of strobes, which gave me a headache because apparently I'm an old lady.

Jason Stoff. Click here for our full slideshow.

Chance continually thanked the crowd: "Thank you for making this shit real." It was probably one of the most sincere statements heard from a rapper in a while. At one point, Chance sat cross-legged on the floor, humming along while his band played; it was refreshing that he felt he could be so open about his weirdness and just do his thing.

Then the band played a cover of James Blake's "Wilhelm Scream," a song everyone seemed to know except for me (I picked a stranger's brain for the name). Even more surprising, Chance then did a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You." Toward the end of the set, he also played an unreleased song, which was marked by a fat bass but was also very MJ-esque -- dancing included.

He basically performed the entirety of Acid Rap, and everyone -- and I mean everyone -- knew the bars to every single track. The crowd finished the end of "Juice" and Chance said, "You guys are fucking crazy." The crowd packed in the pit was, for lack of a better word, turnt.

Justin Bieber's song featuring Chance dropped last night too. Chance made no mention of it as he left the stage, but as soon as Rashad and Spinn came back on and mentioned the Bieber/Chance track, everyone dipped, including me. Sorry, Chance.

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Bob McMahon
Bob McMahon

No, I did not go. But thanks for asking!

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