Now "Here" This: More from the Ten St. Louis Bands That Should Be Famous

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The beginning: Our first show together as Scarlet Tanager was in May 2010. I performed solo through college and had formed various backing bands with Michael [Logsdon], Josh [Shepherd] and Dustin [Kent], so it all came together pretty naturally. -- Susan Logsdon

Best gig: Probably would have to be the RFT Showcase on Washington Avenue this year. We had no idea what to expect since it was our first year to be part of it! The place was completely packed and the energy was amazing.

Best part about being based in St. Louis: St. Louis bands feel really genuine. Everyone seems to be rooting for each other.

Hidden talents: I have exceptional handwriting. Michael has indecipherable handwriting.

Classic MTV-era music video they'd redo: Foo Fighters' "Everlong," because who hasn't ever wanted to slap someone with a giant hand and swing around log nunchucks?!


The beginning: Eric [Sargent] met Karl[Eggers] at a Bartender's Ball charity event through a mutual friend. Eric mentioned he had some songs and wanted to start a band. Three weeks later, we were practicing in a basement. -- Jeff York and Eric Sargent

Influences: This band, with all our varying personalities, runs the gamut. Here are some: REM, Slaid Cleaves, John Cougar Mellencamp, The Cure, Slobberbone, Townes Van Zandt, WILCO, Son Volt, Old '97's, Steely Dan, Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin, Ryan Adams, Material Issue, Sade, Sam Cooke, Drive By Truckers, Turnpike Troubadours, and the list could go on forever. And Jeff is somehow into both punk and Def Leppard. -- York and Sargent

Best part about being based in St. Louis: Cheap housing stock and a greater-than-50% likelihood that clubs keep Busch beer in stock. -- Christian Schaeffer

What everyone should know about music from St. Louis: That we're so modest that "Best of" lists rankle our Midwestern sensibilities. -- Schaeffer

All-time favorite local act: Life Without Wayne (Sargent) and Riddle of Steel (York)

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