First Look: KDHX Moves to Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media on December 15

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Photos by Mabel Suen
The Stage at KDHX, a 140-seat capacity listening room that will feature concerts and film screenings.
On December 15, local community radio station KDHX officially makes its long-anticipated move from its Magnolia Avenue studios to the Larry J. Weir Center of Independent Music in Grand Center. The $3.25 million project features a cafe, listening room, brand new state-of-the-art studios and two floors of offices for staff and volunteers.

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The Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media.

Located a few doors down from Jazz at the Bistro on Washington Avenue.
In October of 2012, RFT Music toured the Grand Center building before renovations began. Last weekend, we returned to the space to get a preview of the dramatic changes, including the completion of its in-house listening room, the Stage at KDHX. Listeners can now submit their nominations for the first song to be played on air at the Weir Center. Check out some photos of the new digs and stay tuned for an extensive report.

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Click ahead to get a preview of KDHX's new home.

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Colin Feeney
Colin Feeney

Said this on a earlier post: Absolutely love the new digs! Larry and Bob would be--and I'm sure are--very, very proud! :D

Jay Brandt
Jay Brandt

Hell...I remember it's humble beginnings on Gaslight Square!

Todd Heilman
Todd Heilman

First song should be something by Bob Reuter - St. Louis Photographer and Performing Songwriter.

Doug Hantak
Doug Hantak

"Break on Through (To the other side)"

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