Goblin Comes to St. Louis for the First Time: Recap and Photos

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Jon Gitchoff
Goblin conducted its live set with a steady progression. Kicking off the set with several instrumental tunes, the group introduced vocals for the first time nearly twenty minutes in. The segue from wiry prog-rock to its famous soundtrack songs was made with a note, "We're going to switch to something more soundtrack related. Something with zombies." Cue excessive applause.

The venue only hit half capacity, but you wouldn't know that standing close to the stage. Fans crammed themselves as close to the low stage as possible, making for a warm, musty atmosphere. The crowd was mostly stiff, likely hypnotized by the video projections and interpretive dancer, both of which seemed to take turns in an engaging stage show. I did see a strange dancer in the crowd near the back, who appeared to have standing seizures accompanied by lazy swaying.

Jon Gitchoff
The sound-tech at 2720 laid the bass on thick. While this worked for DJ MAKossa and mostly for Zombi, Goblin seemed to lose subtle sounds under the heavy weight of the house PA. I tried to move between each song, but couldn't find an optimal place to stand. The sound was most crisp by the actual soundboard, but the bass was gut wrenching at times. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you like getting your jaw shaken by bass for two hours.

While the bravado behind the drum solo can feel contrived, the members of Goblin tore through their theme "Goblin" with a percussive onslaught and ventured seamlessly back into the final chorus. After an encore and gracious words to St. Louis, Goblin left. Without getting into detail, I was at the show earlier this year in Chicago. Although the set-list was slightly different, St. Louis got the better performance.

Leaving the venue meant venturing into a world of fog that wasn't present before the show. As we left the venue, one person was overheard to say, "Goblin came to town and turned St. Louis into a zombie movie." What more could one possibly hope for?


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chrisward99 topcommenter

"I did see a strange dancer in the crowd near the back, who appeared to have standing seizures accompanied by lazy swaying."

I think that was me!

Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips

I never had an issue with the bass during the show, it was the guitar cranked up to 11 and drowning out the synths that did it for me. Of course, I was dead center up in the front so that probably is why I got that experience. That said, incredible show.

Stephanie Danielson
Stephanie Danielson

Great props for #2720cherokee but no need to bash on the sound guys! ❤️

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