St. Louis: Here's How to Improve Your Music Scene, According to You


Mabel Suen
Animal Teeth at CBGB on Grand.

Austin (vocals) of Animal Teeth:
The St. Louis music scene could use... "more unity. It sounds cheesy but you do not see the same people at a punk show that you would see at a noise show. Give or take they differ in sound but one should understand that we are all weirdos and should maybe collaborate on shows."

Jordan Lake (guitar) of Heavy Horse:
The St. Louis music scene could use... "more unity. Sometimes, it feels like there are multiple St. Louis scenes. I want more a family-like feel across the board."


Mabel Suen
The Funs at Blank Space on Cherokee.

Philip of The Funs:
The St. Louis music scene could use... "more diverse shows. I feel like more people would attend if them if they were more interesting. I'm not hating on anything but it seems bleak at the moment. It needs new blood. Suburb kids with a clean slate."

Jessee Rose of The Funs:
The St. Louis music scene could use... "more of an open door to outsiders to the scene. Fresh meat. It needs the next generation. And different bands from other cities. I have met countless bands on the road that get excited when they find out I grew up in St. Louis. They say, "Oh cool! We really want to play there but can't get on a show. Can you help us out?" And honestly I can't 'cause there isn't enough support and it's a damn shame because you need those underdog out-of-towners to make it to St. Louis and have a good show in order to breathe life into a scene. You must have diversity or die. What I wish more than anything for St. Louis music is for there to be more shows that aren't hardcore/metal, blues/country, or noise. That is what is dominating the scene and it is stagnant. I want straight rock and roll. Where are the young punks and artists that have something to say? It's also a big goal of mine to get the blood flowing between Chicago and Saint Louis because I divide my time between both cities and I am surprised there isn't more of an exchange between the scenes."

Mr. Ben of Beauty Pageant:
The St. Louis music scene could use... "more self-confidence, especially when it comes to weirdness. There's obsession with paying tribute to indigenous folk music from half a century ago, which the RFT oozes orgasmic love for. I'd rather see more creeps lurking in the corner wielding contact mics, prepared to make utterly uncomfortable noises. Because it's okay, goddammit, to make those noises. You can get away with it here! It's cheap and easy! Maybe we could use a more flexible critical standard, or another beer."

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