R. Kelly's Black Panties, Reviewed Using Baby Animal GIFs

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"Shut Up"

This song is about R. Kelly telling people to shut up because they said things he didn't like. It's confrontational. This GIF is the exact opposite. There's nothing confrontational about this bunny. Unless confrontational is a new way to say wonderful. Because then yeah, this bunny is confrontational like a motherfucker.

"Tear It Up" featuring Future

This song is about R. Kelly tearing up a woman's vagina. This GIF is the exact opposite. Just look at it. This little doggy doesn't want to tear up anybody's vagina. He just wants to finish his shift at the candy factory.

"Show Ya Pussy" featuring Migos & Juicy J

This song is about telling girls to show their vaginas ("Show ya pussy!" over and over again). This GIF is the exact opposite.


This song is about convincing a girl to do sex things by saying "let's get physical." This GIF is the exact opposite. These two are not getting physical. Not at all. They're just adorable.

(Yes, this is the second time this GIF was used because I MEAN COME ON.)

"Every Position"

This song is about having sex in every position. (I only know about three. Turns out, there are TONS more.) This GIF is the exact opposite. It's toy yorkies surrounding a real yorkie. Who just wooks so pwerfect.

Great album, Kells. Welcome back. We missed you. Sorry for not having anime porn.


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