Six St. Louis Bands Whose Names Will Kill You

Kentucky Knife Fight
Music makes you feel like a badass, doesn't it? The really good stuff does a bang-up job of providing just the right amount of swagger to fit any young gun's mood. Maybe you feel like humming songs about the end of the world? Maybe you want to plot out the imaginary murder of your lover, who's complaining about the dirty dishes in the sink again?

Don't worry, we're not judging you. In fact, we want to add even more fuel to your fire. Check out these seven St. Louis bands that, through naming convention, will kill you with a variety of weaponry.

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Damn, if only every song created by weaponry-named bands sounded as sexy as "Kill It with Fire" and other CaveofswordS tunes. Equal parts Garbage, Portishead and the Cure, CaveofswordS presents sultry, moody electro-pop that easily would have been at home on the soundtracks for dark '90s films Cruel Intentions or The Crow. That's not to say that the band's tracks sound dated; oh hell no. Rather, CaveofswordS gives a fresh take on gloominess that's perfect for lamenting a love gone wrong or hiding the sliced-up bodies of evil-doers.


Man, do NOT piss off Kentucky Knife Fight, or the band may lyrically shiv you like a prison bitch. A self-affirmed "five-piece punk-blues wrecking crew" and regular winner in the RFT Music awards, KKF growls about about St. Louis' hardships while sounding dirty, raw and oh so alluring. Listen as vocalist Jason Holler delivers words about the downtrodden and the desperate, and you might imagine a movie of murders, drug deals and love gone awry, all enveloped in filmy cigarette smoke that just adds to the tension.


Really? There's a St. Louis band worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, a weapon that can level mountains and summon storms? Loki's not around, so there's no trickery when we say that, yep, ThorHammer brings the lightning. This is heart-thumping, bass-growling stuff, guys. When ThorHammer thrashes, you can feel the music's urgency rampaging through your blood. It's pure metal that nearly matches adamantium in strength, and the band's thunder cannot be denied.

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