Six St. Louis Bands Whose Names Will Kill You


We don't know if Ockum's Razor should be classified as hard rock, metal-lite, grunge or what, but we do know that the band slices open a vein of good tunes. The group lives up to its obvious Tool and Alice in Chains influences no matter if it's thrashing in your face, getting moody with keyboards or setting off your spider-sense with dangerous-sounding bass. With sleepy ballads and in-your-face rockers, there's no ear that Ockum's Razor will fail to pierce.


We have a feeling that even if the guys in Chainsaw Gentlemen ever get into a murderous rage, they'd kill you honorably. Listening to the band's seven-inch, we often pretend that its members are pirates that would fit right into The Princess Bride. Indeed, it seems that with their gentle mandolins and strong storytelling, Alvan Caby, Tim Rakel and Chad Ross have more in common with the farmboy-turned-buccaneer Westley than they do with the chainsaw-wielding Ash from Army of Darkness. And we're totally ok with that.


You don't need a back-alley deal to enjoy this firepower; Money for Guns blasts you with straight-up rock that's tinged with some mighty sultry vocals. Taking a little from Ryan Adams, the Clash and the Band, Money for Guns switches between laments and rockers with ease. Strumming guitars means strumming our hearts, especially on tunes like "Lucy" and "Osceola." Such a musical weapon can feel weighty at times, but Money for Guns expertly handles the revolver. We're shot through the heart, but in the best way.


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