The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows: December 2013

Jeremy Essig at the Funny Bone
December 25-30
Showtimes Vary | $13 to $15

If you've kept up with the past year's Funny Events then it's no secret Jeremy Essig has made the cut on more than one occasion. He's made his way east and is now a New Yorker, but wouldn't you know it: He's home for the holidays and has an entire week at the Westport Funny Bone. It's a trend that will likely continue; he'll go away and then he'll come back and then he'll go away again because wouldn't you know it, Essig appeals to laugh-savvy audiences across the East as well as the Midwest.

He's as much a social critic as he is one of himself -- the finger-pointing is free of the patronizing entitlement so many comics claim just because they're the one with the microphone.

As an added bonus, Essig is teaming up with Chris Ward for the...

Loser Holiday Spectacular
December 23 at Heavy Anchor
9PM | $5

Loser: A Live Action Game Show has been running since May of this year and is branded as a hodge-podge of all the best game-show challenges with inspiration from "Don't Forget the Lyrics, Pictionary and Nick Arcade. There's trivia, there's head-to-head NES competitions and there's finally a reason to be proud of the pop-culture knowledge that typically receives an eye roll in response.

If you've completed (or are capable of completing) any of the following are tasks, then Loser is the show for you.
A) Had a bowl of Froot Loops for breakfast after 1 p.m.
B) Yelled at the fool who just overbid on the Showcase Showdown.
C) Played Excitebike.
D) Discussed an issue of any comic book, ever.
E) Could identify between a photograph of RATT, Poison and Twisted Sister.

Essig and Ward took November off to plan an even more Loser-fied and holiday-themed version of the show, so this month's installment will likely take the cake and pave the road for even more shows to come. If you are interested in being a contestant for the holiday or future show e-mail Chris and Jeremy at

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