The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows: December 2013

St. Louis Up Late at 3003 Locust
Every Saturday
10p.m. | $15

St. Louis Up Late is a celebration of the local talent thriving in St. Louis. The live production capitalizes on the basic talk show elements -- interviews with strong personalities and live music -- but then infuses them with sketch comedy and even encourages audience interaction.

The show is hosted by Eric Christensen, a member of Ted Dangerous, one of the resident improv groups working out of the Improv Shop. He's also one of the producers and driving force behind the St. Louis Compass Improv Comedy Festival, which took place just a little over a month ago. You can rest assured this is no "shot in Mom's basement with my Flip Cam and a novel idea" kind of production. Plus, in addition to Christensen there's a barrage of standup, sketch and improve comics who have teamed up to contribute to both the writing and production elements of the show.

The lines have been wrapping around the corner of Locust Street, and the show is picking up steam as it heads into December. These kinds of shows don't come together and succeed by the means of just one man alone, and it's a positive step forward in the St. Louis comedy scene to see it team up with the rock & rollers, politicians and all-around movers and shakers. But most importantly, it's dependable entertainment.


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