The Top 20 St. Louis Concerts of 2013

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Steve Truesdell
5. "I Didn't Get Any Sex" - Things Overheard During the National's Set at LouFest
There were so many people saying downright bizarre things around us that we just couldn't concentrate much on the The National's tunes at LouFest. Instead of watching Matt Berninger pace the stage like a frightened animal or getting lost in bassist Scott Devendorf's powerful low tones, we found ourselves writing down the inane crap that the nearby drunk, high and stupid thought important to discuss.

Press Photo
4. Saint Vitus Returns to St. Louis After Nearly Thirty Years: Recap
Fuzzy distortion, feedback, and a colorist's wet dream of grey hair dominated the stage as Saint Vitus brought the room back to drunken life. Drums were smashed, guitars screamed exclusively from the neck pick up and vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich brought the Sabbath-influenced doom rock as if he were Ozzy's own wide-eyed tweaker nephew. Whiskey bottle in hand, Wino led the crowd through all the classic Saint Vitus tunes including "I Bleed Black" and "War is Our Destiny."

Todd Owyoung
3. Nine Inch Nails Triumphantly Comes Out of Retirement at Chaifetz Arena 10/1/13
Reznor didn't speak much at all during the October show, but he shouted "Yes!" before picking up the guitar next for "Terrible Lie." He can be a difficult person to read, but Reznor's constant bouncing suggested an enthusiasm for his return to touring. Flashing black and white backlights accompanied most of the performance, with the stage going dark and Reznor standing in the spotlight as he sang the quiet, painful bridge: "Don't take it away from me. I need someone to hold on to." The energy went back up for the raging outro as Reznor stomped and panted while screaming: "You fucking promised me!"

Cory Greenwell
2. Jeff Mangum at the Sheldon Concert Hall, 1/16/13: Review and Setlist
After a quiet, politely-received set from New York guitar duo Tall Firs, Jeff Mangum took the stage and grabbed one of his four acoustic guitars. Other than his grey-flecked, almost rabbinical beard, he looked basically like the same guy from the late '90s, complete with his standard brown thrift-store sweater and green hat. Opening with "Two-Headed Boy," he spend the next hour performing a selection of Neutral Milk Hotel songs.

Jamie Lees
1. Bob Reuter Memorial Show: A Review in Photos
When legendary local musician, writer and photographer Bob Reuter died suddenly in August, friends and loved ones were grief-stricken. Reuter played in and documented the South City music and arts scene for decades, leaving behind a vast amount of artistic work and no shortage of fans and admirers. On September 8, his bandmates, collaborators and friends came together at the Casa Loma Ballroom to pay tribute to Reuter's life and work.


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