We Went Back: Chrono Man to Play Encore Performance this Friday at Plush

As we wrap, Brumley and Phillips begin to exchange quips on the plausible future of Chrono Man. "For the time being, this is the last performance, for sure. It's one of those things where I don't want to say never again, but if there was a crazy great opportunity like the Flaming Lips wanted us to open up I would definitely have that conversation and see if people wanted to...or in ten years I'll write Chrono Man Two when we're all famous." Phillips, elevating the humor, adds, "And I'll show up and you'll be like, 'Oh, actually, this is the young hot dude who is playing Chrono Man.'" They both laugh as we find the church's exit. No poltergeists lead the way for Chrono Man. He is the savior of the universe, after all.

Chrono Man Lives: The Encore Performance of Chrono Man will power through the universe and land at Plush this Friday. Tickets are $10. Doors at 8. Absolutely will spin a polyphonic blend of globe-trotting bass music not unlike the tunes found on the feverishly danceable Mad Decent label sometime about 8:30 p.m. Chrono Man will once again do battle with the Scientist at 10 p.m.


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3224 Locust St., St. Louis, MO

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