Six St. Louis Acts That Keep It In The Family

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Jarred Gastreich
David and Jeff Lazaroff are probably laughing about some brotherly inside joke that you wouldn't understand.

During last week's Snowpocalypse, many of us were trapped for days with family members. AGONY, AMIRITE?

Sure, for a few of us, that so-called "polar vortex" might have been grounds for murder, but for many St. Louis bands, the forced post-holidays togetherness simply meant more practice time. Below, check out six local acts that have learned to get past their sibling rivalries to create music that's the pride of any family reunion held in Forest Park.


You would be forgiven for wondering if, after playing music together for years, David and Jeff Lazaroff are sick of each other. While non-musical siblings might need a break from so much togetherness, the Brothers Lazaroff thrive on their familial bond and use it to propel their groove-roots compositions. The 2013 album Hope, Fear, Youth highlights the brothers' songwriting prowess while welcoming other accomplished local musicians into their extended family, serving up plenty of head-bobbin', Dylan-esque twang-rock that heralds summer days of porch sittin'.


Some people claim that twins forge their own secret language. While we don't know if that's true, we sure do like what Family Affair has to say. Twins Mr. Rep and QB (Jarrett and Jason Jones, respectively) combine pop and soul into a special brand of hip-hop that's true-life without being gritty. This is smooth, classy stuff -- a soundtrack for both cruising the streets and grooving on hotties. "Wonder Twin powers, activate," indeed.


Having your music compared to that of Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson and Lisa Loeb isn't so bad -- especially when you're still in high school. Despite their young ages, sisters Bella (eighteen) and Lily (fifteen) Ibur have become old hands at crafting catchy tunes. After winning a contest to perform at LouFest 2012, the duo received Kickstarter support to release a six-song EP last fall. The resulting poppy songs definitively prove that age is just a number.

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