Six St. Louis Acts That Keep It In The Family

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Great harmonies have been the cornerstone for many successful sibling acts, including the Everly Brothers, the Jackson 5 and Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. And so the tradition continues with Clockwork, which features brothers Jordan and Logan Slone and brother-from-another-mother Logan Mohler. Currently touring the Midwest, the trio pushes an alterna-indie type of rock that specifically showcases its expert voice layering. Expect big things when the band plays this year's South by Southwest festival.


Kissin' Cousins may be one of Elvis Presley's famous films, but the Lucky Old Sons aren't having any of those title shenanigans; unlike Elvis, bandmate cousins Steve and Frank Bauer rightfully are more concerned with making music than with swapping spit. Along with fellow "sons" Matt Davis and Corey Woodruff, the cousins recreate the piano-focused rock & roll of the '50s and '60s (Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino) while throwing in plenty of original tunes for good measure.


Sisterhood is powerful stuff. One minute, you're accusing your sis of stealing a sweater, and the next, you're defending her right to date the class bad boy that your mama warned you both about. Multiply that solidarity by three, throw in some jangly folk songs and you've got Dubb Nubb. Sisters Delia, Hannah and Amanda Rainey's latest album Wild Dreamin' features the trio's trademark guitar and ukulele strummin', heartbeat drums and light harmonies while exploring youth's most important themes. That's a sorority we'd happily pledge.


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