Acoustics Anonymous Crosses Genre Boundaries on Debut, Honest & Wild

Categories: Homespun

As bluegrass-inspired folk musicians, the guys in Acoustics Anonymous are deft players without getting showy. The restless instrumental "Ashtray" shows both their chops and their restraint, giving mandolin player Gerard Erker space to solo while keeping the song's center in check. This dexterity is impressive, but across Honest & Wild it doesn't put them in league with old-school bluegrass pickers. Likewise, AA is far too rootsy to be a rock band and not far-out enough to qualify as a pure jam band. None of this is a problem, of course, as these kinds of pureblood classifications are a loser's game. Acoustics Anonymous treads its own patch of land comfortably, if a little too safely, on its debut. Roots music fans should have a good time watching the group stretch out and cross some genre boundaries.

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