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You have been — and always will be — a beacon of light and huge inspiration to me and many. You take Positive Mental Attitude to new levels, and it's quite refreshing, especially in this day and age. Without going into too much of my life and/or problems, my question is: How do I truly start to love myself with the hope of soon changing my entire outlook — and life — for the better?

Wishing you continued success for 2014. Victory Strikes Again!!/Don't Stop Living in the Red!!

Your friend,

Stuck in a Rut

Dear Stuck in a Rut,

First of all, thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad that my party efforts have given you any energy or inspiration at all. I also really relate to what you're describing in terms of wanting to get charged up and make big life changes, because my entire party mission began with me wanting to feel better about being alive and being myself. I figured that if I dedicated my life to good feelings and pure partying, it would help cheer me up, and hopefully cheer up other people, too. So far, it's really been working. I recommend this same approach for you. I'm officially cheering you on and up. The most important thing to harness is your own desire to make life better and ride it toward that goal. Enjoy and appreciate every part of the process and take pleasure even in the most painful and uncomfortable moments. We're exercising our souls, and just like when we exercise our muscles, some pain and soreness is part of the growth. Also, we must remember that sometimes being "stuck in a rut" is just part of the natural dynamics of existence and the adventure of living a big life. Just like a heavy breakdown in an awesome song, the breakdowns in our lives can provide necessary contrast and rhythmic change — they give us a chance to process the music and madness that's already taken place and apply it to ourselves. The magic in life happens when our dreams are combined with our enthusiasm and energized by our physical action. The fact that you wrote in to me is you already taking action. Now just keep it going! I absolutely believe in you, and in us, and in the time we have right now. More Positive Party Power to you!



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