Billy Joel Announces St. Louis Show at Scottrade Center in April

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"Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)"
"Summer, Highland Falls"
"The Longest Time"
"Blonde Over Blue"
"Everybody Loves You Now"
"All for Leyna"
"Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) "
"Where's the Orchestra? "
"Big Man on Mulberry Street"
"New York State of Mind"
"The Entertainer"
"She's Always a Woman"
"Don't Ask Me Why"
"The River of Dreams"
"Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"
"Layla (Piano Coda)"
"Piano Man"
"Big Shot"
"It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"
"You May Be Right"
"Only the Good Die Young"


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Scottrade Center

1401 Clark Ave., St. Louis, MO

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Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

Well, New York WAS hit by as many blizzards as we've had, if not more. So... yeah, let's just go with that!

Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

He hasn't been in St Louis "for the longest time." I think he'll like it here more than "Allentown."

Duncan Sabrina
Duncan Sabrina

Cause only the good die young; I'd love to go but it will probably be sold out b4 I can afford it

Wire Frost
Wire Frost

ok I like some of his Music yes but what is the Hype ? i dont get it

Heather Claxton
Heather Claxton

Last time I saw him in concert was at Busch Stadium with Elton John. That was an AMAZING show!

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

....and...I have never gotten to see him live.

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

I will be there...and will have the highest priced ticket....he is a favorite singer/songwriter of all time!

Kirsten Mazzanti
Kirsten Mazzanti

Christina Mulvenna Bill Mulvenna this is happening! I must see this show!!!

Robin Gray
Robin Gray

The prices aren't bad compared to Katy Perry...

Michael J Keller
Michael J Keller

Billy Joel keeps trying to quit - but he just can't. Even though he swears that he hates doing the 'old standards', the rush that he gets from an admiring public is too hard to resist. After all, there can be worse fates in life! :D

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