The Best Moments of Chuck Berry's 200 Shows at Blueberry Hill, as Told By His Bandmates

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Bob Lohr and Ingrid Berry-Clay during that October 2013 show at Blueberry Hill.
Ingrid Berry-Clay (Chuck Berry's daughter who has been performing with her dad since the '70s)
Dad has done this a couple times since, but I'll never forget the first. He was playing at Blueberry Hill and broke a string. As the guitar was being restrung, he took out this roll of tissue from his pocket. Nothing was written on the tissue, but he started unrolling it like a scroll and pretending to read from it. He told this beautiful story about a poor man in the South who was writing to his relative up North who'd gone to seek work and send money home. Dad is doing this off the top of his head, mind you, and I'm onstage looking on in utter amazement. I don't know what you'd call this type of inventive and poetic storytelling, but I refer to it as the "rags to riches letter."

Joe Edwards introduces his pal, Chuck Berry, to the Duck Room stage.
Joe Edwards
I've got a lot of great memories, but one of my favorites is when Joe Perry of Aerosmith came in town for Chuck's 80th birthday. Aerosmith was on tour at the time [October of 2006], and Joe had his bus driver veer off course to come here. Joe and his wife Billie came to Blueberry Hill and spent the whole afternoon with Chuck's family. During the show Chuck invited Joe onstage. That was electrifying.


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