Watching My Dad Get Into Dubstep Was Painful

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Unfortunately, on the morning of day two, a man came to our campsite to tell me Dad had been run over by a vehicle and been taken to the hospital. When I finally got there, the nurse told me he'd been knocked over by a golf cart while waiting in line for a breakfast burrito. He had tread marks on his back. Still, when I saw him he seemed most pissed that he never got that burrito.

He was told to take it easy for the rest of the day. Instead, he decided to go mosh at Devo and come back at 4 a.m. with blood running down his nose and wrists. Needless to say, I was allowed to go to Coachella alone the next year.

Aragorn Hansard
My dad (wearing his "Gorn" T-shirt!) with Fieldy, KoЯn's bassist.
In recent years, I have been forced to endure The Path of Totality, the album KoЯn did with Skrillex in 2011. Dad tried many times to get me to see the performers live, but I refused. (Only when he had me captive, one time in backed-up 405 traffic, could he get me to endure the album -- over and over.) As you can imagine, watching my dad get into dubstep was a painful process.

As an adult, I've come to embrace his peculiar taste; a few years ago I even got him a shirt bearing his nickname, Gorn, stylized after his favorite band -- KoЯn, of course. This was a surprisingly easy thing to have made at one of those mall stands. And he wears it absolutely all the time.

You have to love my dad's enthusiasm. I might never approach his level of nerdom, but he still has hope. Recently, we went to catch the Mythbusters: Behind the Myths tour, and we both shouted memorized lines at a meet-and-greet showing of the Evil Dead films.

He may never get me into prog rock, but who knows: Maybe I'll take him up on his next invitation to zombie apocalypse paintball.


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