Grammys Highlights: Daft Punk Wins, Pharrell's Hat, Taylor Swift Has Sex with a Piano

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Kendrick Lamar Makes Imagine Dragons Tolerable

Imagine Dragons has the potential for greatness, but their boring, overplayed "Demons" song is sucking the life out of their momentum. Good thing, then, that newly crowned hip-hop royalty Kendrick Lamar gave the band a boost by sharing the stage for their hit "Radioactive." Lamar injected some oomph when the telecast sorely needed it, and it was arguably the performance of the night.


Taylor Swift Has Sex with a Piano

We're not even going to justify that subhead. You'll just have to view the tweets below and realize that T-Swizzle has found a sexy new way to get over lost loves.

Continue for more crazytown, plus star billing by a hat.

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