Grammys Highlights: Daft Punk Wins, Pharrell's Hat, Taylor Swift Has Sex with a Piano

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Porn 'Stache Ruins Pink's Artistry

Pink is a phenomenal performer; there just aren't many vocalists who can belt out songs while twirling on a trapeze night after night. But damn, why did Nate Reuss have to ruin "Just Give Me a Reason" with his bizarre mustache? His follicular enthusiasm (not to mention his slightly off-pitch tone) detracted from what could have been one of the night's memorable performances.

Lorde Spaz-Dances While Wearing Mom's Pants

Lorde is only seventeen, but you wouldn't know it from her performance outfit of Mom's pleated black pants and a sleeveless white shell. Her award-accepting getup, which channeled Wednesday Addams, wasn't much better. The girl does have, um, interesting dance moves, though.



Pharrell's Hat Speaks for Daft Punk

Daft Punk won a lot of crap last night -- album of the year, record of the year, stormtroopers of the year, etc. -- but because the duo is made up of weird French robot folks with giant helmets, they didn't actually thank anyone for their good fortune. Instead, producer, rapper and collaborator Pharrell Williams had to do it for them. But it wasn't just Williams who was making statements -- Pharrell's hat got into the game, too! Wearing multiple chapeaux that viewers claimed as Dudley Do-Right's or Smokey the Bear's, Williams forced the Twitterverse to create @pharrellhat.

What did you love or hate about the Grammys? Who was borked out of an award? Tell us in the comments, and find winners and recaps at


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