Holy Ship!!! 2014's Ten Craziest Raver Costumes

Categories: EDM

Photo by Kat Bein

This lovely lady was a pal of the taco girl from the customs line. So clearly, this group of friends came prepared. The mesmerizing jellyfish was joined by two bioluminescent buddies, and they were simply glowing with pride on the pool deck. We are always impressed by those who engineer such eye-catching costumes. Bueno!

Photo by Ian Witlen

Is that you, wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube broad? Girl must be watching the best set ever. Look at those eyes! We hope she's drinking enough water. By the look on the dude's face whose shoulders she's perched on, that drop must have been a brown note. (Eww, LOL, poop jokes. We r adults.) But seriously, way to have a superfun costume that hasn't been totally played out yet. Take notes, Ultra Music Festival.


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