The Improv Shop Finds a New Home in the Central West End

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Not all students of improv are on the entertainment career path. Some are lawyers, some are class clowns and some may have no idea what they're getting into. The goal is to give the students the knowledge and experience of forward and impulse thinking, so that they may take it into whatever field they see fit. There are over 100 graduates from the program, most of whom still performing on Mondays and Thursdays, and 120 students are currently enrolled.

Both Sloey and McKernan have maintained day jobs to support themselves and keep the Improv Shop operating on a self-sustaining level. According to Sloey, the core tenant of improv is "Yes, and...?," an exercise that begins with a statement followed by those two simple words, which is then carried on by the next performer in line. The situation goes on to build and grow in whatever direction the participants take it. The community that now surrounds the Improv Shop is following suit: What began as an idea by one individual has been adopted and carried on by many.

For updates on the theater's progress, show times and information on course enrollment, see


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