KDHX Wants You to Know How to Get Your Band on Both National and Local Radio

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How do you think the importance of "getting on the radio" has changed in the Internet world? Is it still as vital to a musician's success as it once was?

Nick Acquisto: Yes, radio still plays a vital role in the success of artists at all levels that want to be heard. The type of radio that KDHX does is DJ-curated and offers exposure for a wide variety of new music and great music that typically needs to be otherwise much more sought out. KDHX is perfect for people who are music lovers and casual listeners, who don't have time to look for music that they are excited about online all the time and aren't getting the stripes of music they like easily delivered to them. Just turning on the radio while driving, working, cooking, etc. is about as easy as it gets.

Aside from listeners finding out about music conveniently through radio, local St. Louis artists and bands without as much national attention that deserve more exposure based on quality alone can be overlooked by Spotify, Pandora, satellite radio and other ways that people listen to music outside of terrestrial radio. With us, there is this real by-the-community, for-the-community mentality. We're a community of music lovers -- DJs, bands and listeners alike.

Don't give it all away, but could you provide clues as to what kind of tips might be discussed at the event?

Acquisto: With as much music as the station receives, and seeing what has risen to the top over the years, I have some good suggestions on how to craft and write one-sheets, which are standard with radio and media. I'll discuss the essential information that stations need to have about your release, which bands often don't realize. Basically, how to make the album stand out to DJs and music directors amongst the hundreds they are receiving. It'll be loose and informal, with a Q&A. Basically, if you are in a local band, it will be worth your time.

The workshop takes place on 1 p.m this Saturday at KDHX's new home in Grand Center at 3524 Washington. Admission is free.


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Jason Goad
Jason Goad

Not as important as performing live which is the only real way to make money in the music biz..

Homer K Blua
Homer K Blua

Not important but certainly helpful and cool

Brian Seim
Brian Seim

Nice hopes but never going to happen. Doing it 34 years and still the same ole same ole. Great product does not even mean it will get airtime. I fought hard for this back in my wmry days. Some will give airtime but not enough to make a difference.

Phil Reeder
Phil Reeder

radio is still an important part, especially the LOCAL stations. The conglomerates have hurt the ability to find new/local/interesting music as a whole (b/c there are some exceptions). Not everybody is connected to the internet/smart phones to the extreme, as can be portrayed at times. I don't live in StL, so I don't know what the service is like, but when I attempt to stream internet or terrestrial stations on my phone it's constant buffering (think RealPlayer circa 1998) and unlistenable nearly half the time. Radio also gives you personalities to talk to, call, email and interject with. Those people help form the personality of the station and without them, a music only stream (pandora, etc) has zero personality and can become stale and boring. If "Radio Guy", whom you've developed a "kinship" with says that "Band Awesome" is great b/c of A, B & C you may listen a little harder to see what he's talking about. If you're streaming service only plays the song, you may not hear it b/c it's become background noise and nobody told you to listen to this bad ass track. Just my thoughts.

Mark Bland
Mark Bland

Not as important as it once was. Certain markets that are embracing old styles of delivery like St. Louis still have a major radio fix, but as a whole nation and multiple cities the necessity is not there.

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