Attention LouFest Organizers: Please Get OutKast, Thanks

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Plus, Big Boi owes us a stop. His show at the Demo was cancelled in May of last year, because of an injury to his left leg that he incurred onstage the night before (check out the video of the incident above). Maybe that could be a good negotiating point? You would probably want to whittle the price down a bit -- we've heard through our own pie-in-the-sky efforts that an OutKast booking will likely set promoters back around $100K this year.

But it would be worth it, LouFest folks. OutKast has what approaches near-universal appeal -- people would come out in droves. Plus accusations of a lack of diversity, which the festival has endured in the past, would have one more immediate, strong retort.

And don't tell the media-ethics watchdog groups that I made any promises, but if you do me this one little favor and book OutKast, I will probably make sure we cover it in the RFT. Probably. Most likely.

Your move, LouFest!


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