Nathan Cook's Show Series BRUXISM Begins this Friday at Apop Records

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Friday's show features the Night Grinder and Wamhoda -- two artists who've both branched out from noise and packed their sounds into something more akin to dance or kraut-rock. Chad Hickman of the Kingston Family Singers is set to DJ, lending his inventive live-mixing to the tone of the evening.

While helping others to spread their art through his label and booking shows, Cook somehow finds time to moonlight as N.N.N. Cook, a noisy alter-ego known for its gripping live show. Constantly changing with each performance, he defines what it means to be an experimental musician by barring structure and repetition, crafting music on the fly -- which essentially makes every live gig a one-night-only proposition. His personal work involves field recordings, homemade electronics and other methods to create an ambiance littered with subtlties.

Being both a practicioner and a fan of this music provides the skill to curate BRUXISM in a way that feels open and inviting to newcomers, while still bringing fresh ideas for old fans. Cook will help kick off BRUXISM by performing in Lobster, his duo with local synth-artist Kevin Harris.

"The main goal is to present a scene that can be somewhat mercurial and fragmented in a unified way, while maintaining and featuring each artist's particular vision," Cook says on the overall purpose of BRUXISM. "If that happens and people have fun and want to come back because they are curious about who will be performing next time, then I'll be happy."

We met with Nathan Cook to discuss BRUXISM more in detail. Click through for the Q & A.

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Apop Records

2831 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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