Phil Anselmo on Playing Metal: "This Is Not Rocket Science"

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When the Illegals tour wraps up in Europe, it'll be just about time to go back on the road with Down. Did we mention this guy runs his own record label and is already tinkering with ideas about the second iteration of his Housecore Horror Film Festival? With so many active projects requiring his attention these days, it's a wonder how Anselmo finds the energy to attempt it all, let alone accomplish everything -- particularly since he's been suffering from chronic back pain for more than a decade.

The key to keeping up, he says, is knowing when to take a break.

"These days, you've got to tone down on the hours that you keep, those late hours that you keep," says the singer. "You've got to get your rest and say goodnight to the after-show party way before everybody else. You do what's smart for the next show and you try to do your best to maintain.

"All this comes with age and experience, for God's sake," he continues. "It's the nature of the beast, man, so you just gotta roll with it."

2014 will be another extraordinarily busy year for Philip, but that's the way the man likes it. There's too much fun to be had out there to slow down now, even if the travel and the back pain and the non-stop screaming threaten to kill him.

"I just want to put these records out, especially the new Down record," he says. "I want to tour that sucker. I want to tour parts of the world with the Illegals that we have not covered yet; cities throughout America that we passed over.

"The worst part about touring for me is gettin' there; the traveling part," he continues. "So I'm going to try to chill out, relax, take the trip, not stress out on that, and just get to the gigs, perform to the best of my ability and have fucking fun with it, man. Because this is not rocket science: This is something I've done since my teens. Once I'm there at gigs, no matter what it is, man, I have a fucking blast. So I'm really just going to concentrate on having fucking fun this year."

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