Ship Fam! A Guide to the Holy Ship EDM Cruise's Fan Cult

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Courtesy of Stephanie and Robert Bunting

Post Port-um Depression
"After three magical days, we went through what we now call post-portum depression," Stephanie says.

How were shippers supposed to return to normal life after that?! So to keep the vibes rolling, the Buntings and some of their friends created an unofficial Facebook page for Holy Ship!! 2012. It helped shippers stay in touch with their new pals, whom they affectionately called "shiptards." Eventually, "shiptards" turned into the gentler "Ship Fam." And Ship Fam members learned they could rely on one another for certain friendly favors.

"It's a network, and we don't let anybody down," Stephanie insists. "We do everything we possibly can for each other, as the need is expressed."

Soon, the group began planning the next year's adventure: who would bring what, how many and for whom. When newbies bought tickets to Holy Ship!!, they were added to the and introduced to Ship Fam. It was all quickly becoming some kind of PLUR mob madness.

Courtesy of Stephanie and Robert Bunting

Holy Ship!!: The Family Grows
The Buntings made the decision to arrive early in Fort Lauderdale for Holy Ship!! 2012. So they rented a hotel room and invited members of Ship Fam to join them in a friendly gathering the night before embarkation. It seemed like a great way to put faces to names while enjoying a glass of champagne.

They only expected a handful of homies to show up. But "next thing we know," Stephanie laughs, "security came in, shutting it down."

That was the moment when the Buntings, and many others, realized just how big and strong the Ship Fam circle was becoming. Newbies and and OGs alike were forming new bonds, and when Holy Ship!! docked in Fort Lauderdale three days later, they knew the love wouldn't fade with the booming basslines.

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